OUSDS Dances

Here at OUSDS, we have a couple of unique dances that were written by our members over time.

In particular, two of them were written in the memory of an old member, Liz.

Blue Shoes - Gordon Lloyd

8x32 R  3C (4C set)


1C dance between 2C, cast behind 3C, lead up crossing LH between 3C. cast up behind 2C and dance down to end in 2nd place back to back as in Double Triangle, facing opp. sides. 2C step up on bars 7-8.

9-12 All set as in Double Triangles. On the 2nd pas de bas 1C move a quater turn to their R and set in Crown Triangle position. (L up M down).
13-16 Half reels of 3 on the sides. To begin 1L and 2L,1M and 3M pass Rsh. 1C finish in Double Triangle position facing own sides.
17-20 As bars 9-12.
21-24 Half reels of 3 on the sides. To begin 1L and 2M,1M and 3L pass Rsh. 1C finish in 2nd place, opp. sides in sidelines.
25-28 1C turn their 1st corner LH, on the sidelines.
29-32 1C turn their 2nd corner RH, on the sidelines and, passing each other Rsh, dance into 2nd place own sides.


Lamp Black Lizzie - P Davoll

4x40 J  4C

2 chords - 2C and 4C cross over on the second chord

1-4 1C set and cast off one place; 2C step up on bars 3-4, while 4C set and cast up one place; 3C step down on bars 3-4.
5-8 1C and 4C dance half rights and lefts; 4M and 1M stay facing out.
9-16 4C and 1C dance a Ladies' Chain, to finish on the sidelines with 4C in 2nd place own sides facing up and 1C in 3rd place opposite sides facing down.
17-32 All dance "Axum reels" to return to positions at bar 17. (In terms of positions the route is: 1M→2L→1L→3L→4L→3M→4M→2M→1M, always passing Lsh).
33-36 2L and 4L, 1L and 3L, 1M and 3M, 2M and 4M turn left hand once round.
37-40 All dance anticlockwise half way round the set to finish in the order 3, 1, 4, 2, with 4C and 2C on the opposite sides.

Och Aye! - Thomas Ibbotson

8x32 J  3C (4C set)

1-8 1C followed by 2C lead down the middle and back (2C dance up to begin), finishing 2C in top place and 1C in centre of set in 2nd place facing up.
9-16 1L cross in front of 1M, dance up and casst Lsh around 2M with 1M following; 1L dance across the set, cast Rsh round 3L and dance up the middle of the set to finish 1L facing down between 2C, 1M facing up between 3C.
17-24 Six hands round and back.
25-32 All 3 couple advance and retire; 1C cast to 2nd place own sides; all set.