Term Time

In classes we learn and practice dances for the end of term dance in 8th week. Come along, meet new people and have fun doing it!

Times and locations:

Please get in touch for more details at


  Class* Term Year
Student £3.50 £18.00 £42.50
Non-Student £4.00 £21.00 £47.50

*If you pay for a class you can come to any other classes that week for free. 

For an up to date list of upcoming dances, see the events page.

For guidelines on what to wear to classes, see here.

The termcard may be updated during the term, so make sure to check back here or on our Facebook Page.



The rest of the year we usually dance on Wednesdays at a variable location. We advertise weekly on our mailing list so get in touch at if you would like to subscribe. Any special dances will also be posted on our Facebook group.

advanced class

Term Card Hilary 2020

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