The Ten Commandments of Scottish Country Dancing

  1. Scottish Country Dancing is your Dance. You shall have no other dances before it.
  2. You shall not make for yourself another way of dancing, nor dance in a likeness to anything that is in Scotland, England or Abroad.
  3. You shall not call it Scottish if it is not Strictly Scottish.
  4. ...Remember the RSCDS and keep it Holy.
  5. Honour your Teachers and their spouses.
  6. You shall not spin.
  7. You shall not kick half-way through a circle.
  8. You shall not (under any circumstances) dance a three couple pousette.
  9. You shall not appear to enjoy yourself.
  10. You shall not flirt with anyone in your set, neither your partner, nor your neighbour, nor your neighbour's partner.

Adapted by David Killen, of Commun Ceilteach Oil-Tigh Cilrimhinn.